2019 Marsanne release

Tiny release this year, and a glowing review from Mike Bennie at Wine Front..

‘Drink Cenny Victoria!’ is the catch cry. Or so Jake Winther, winemaker, grape grower might have us say. Devoted to Central Victoria, particularly the joys of Harcourt North, these are a range of wines well worth seeking out. Low key winemaking approach but considered, organic fruit, or heading that way, honesty in all aspects along the way – good stuff. This, from Harcourt North, is pressed and sent to stainless steel, then half hangs out in old oak, goes good on lees for texture. Bottled without fining or filtering.

Lemon drop scents, touch of talc, some jasmine, sorbet-sherbet whiffs too. Palate is tangy, tart, very refreshing, but has some extra width and depth, a sense of juiciness and then a clatter of zingy acidity and light chalky pucker finishes the wine. Brings to mind the yuzu fruit of Japan too. Delicious with detail in tow. Excellent wine.

Rated : 93 Points


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