Trutta is an exploration of Central Victorian vineyards
Sustainable farming practices
Minimal intervention winemaking techniques
Wines driven by the site
We farm 5 acres of Shiraz on a cool, windy, hilltop site in Harcourt North. We have been farming this site using organic practices since 2020. Additionally, we partner with other local growers who work their vineyards sustainably, follow organic practices, and care for their land.
Our wines are made with traditional techniques, wild ferments only, and no additions where possible. Most of our wines have a small amount of preservative added before bottling. 
Some are completely additive free.
Trutta is inspired by our family's love of fly fishing. The connection one feels with nature when fishing a pristine high country stream, is something we hold dear. This connection to nature, and the growing seasons expressed in our vineyards, is what we strive to portray in our wines.